7 Ways to get outdoors

7 Ways to get outdoors

Outdoor Fitness may have been disrupted lately with the way this year has changed our lives. Working from home can mean that hours working are stretched out over longer time spans and motivation to get up and out can be waning.

The closures and restrictions have really highlighted our need for exercise and to look after our mental health, and for most of us the two go hand in hand.

With social gatherings and public places undergoing massive changes the need for regular exercise and outdoor activities is more important than ever.

By choosing activities that you enjoy you are more likely to stick to doing them regularly. So we all know that we should get 30 minutes of exercise each day, what ways can you do that?

Take A walk

-on the beach, -in the park, -around the neighbourhood, -through the forest, -by the river, -around a lake

maintain bone density, improve cardio fitness, increase muscle strength in the legs, live longer, feel grounded, improve your lung health.

Outdoor yoga class

maintain muscle strength, flexibility and physical balance, reduces stress, increase self-awareness and embodiment.

Stand up paddle boarding

improve upper body strength, core strength, balance, coordination, maintain muscle strength

Fitness equipment at your local park

muscle strength, endurance, core strength, confidence


increase muscle strength, endurance, core strength, improve cardio fitness

Park Run or Boot camp

muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, connection, joint strength


upper body strength, muscle strength, feeling grounded, immune system

Each of these suggestions will increase your level of fitness or strength in some way. The benefit of doing them outside is that it will give you even greater benefits in the way of feeling grounded, reducing stress, lowering risk of depression and anxiety.

Get your vitamin D and put your health first, get outside and exercise.


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